Workshop natural hair
Simple & no glue


*Hair: Lux Symbolica

Made to measure

Our workshop offers you the manufacture of high-end wefts.

Upon receipt of your hair we manufacture your order according to your needs.

We work with all hair types and all lengths.

Our unique manufacturing process allows us not to use glue and therefore to guarantee you a hypoallergenic product that does not pollute the environment.

Our wefts are unlined to obtain an invisible result for your wigs and extensions. However, we guarantee you a higher density than the doubled wefts on the market.

For wigmakers: our single wefts are thinner, you don't need to split them, so they are easier to sew onto a beanie, saving you a lot of time!

For hairdressers: our reinforced wefts guarantee you resistance to all tests!


Quality guarantee

Choosing our company is the guarantee of top-of-the-range work.

Unlike foreign factories, we work 100% with the hair you provide to us. We do not add short or low end hair to your wefts.

Our manufacturing times are fast, we can respond quickly to your requests without an intermediary. We know that your deadlines are sometimes short for shows and cinema and we do everything to save you time.

Unlike some factories we pay special attention to detail. We choose a thread exactly the color of your hair for an invisible result.

We have no minimum weight for an order, we manufacture your wefts for 100 grams, 1 kg or even 10 kg according to your needs.

If you are European customers, you save on shipping costs and you have no customs costs (unlike production outside the EU).

We send samples for free, please feel free to contact us!


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